Walle, world's ugliest dog, back home after whirlwind tour

After a media tour that took him and his owner from Petaluma to New York City, Walle and his owner are glad be back home.

The four-year-old beagle, basset and boxer mix won the title of World's Ugliest at the annual dog competition held at the Sonoma-Marin Fair.  But many think Walle is adorable, and definitely not ugly.

His owner, Tammie Barbee, calls him "different."

As one judge put it at the competition, Walle looks like he's been photo-shopped.  His head appears too big for his body and his rear end looks too big for his legs.

Barbee explains, Walle's oddness is more obvious when you meet him in person.

"People are like well it's hard to see the difference in him on television, but in person you can totally tell that there is you know all of his different uniquenesses in person," Barbee said

Since winning the crown, Walle hasn't had to beg for attention.  He has  appeared on several national television programs, including the Today Show, Fox and Friends and The View.

Along with the title, and a trophy, Walle also took home a $1,500 cash prize.