VIDEO: Man yells bomb threat as he is removed from plane at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport

For passengers aboard a flight in Atlanta, one passenger screamed words no one wants to hear.

As the man was removed from the plane, his antics caused concern among his fellow travelers.

One passenger caught the encounter on camera.

Atlanta police boarded the plane at Hartsfield-Jackson airport after being notified by the pilot a passenger in seat 7A was being disruptive.

When police asked the man to get out of his seat he said the words that would frighten anyone in this day and age.

The man repeatedly yelled "there's a bomb on the plane," as police forcibly removed him from the aircraft.

Passenger Charles Davis was aboard the plane and was relieved to have the man removed.

"Everybody was nervous when you hear something like that you start doing a lot of soul searching. I'm sure for me anyway, ‘cause you don't know what the next two minutes was going to hold," Davis said.

Davis didn't feel comfortable until after the man's luggage was taken off the plane.

"Because i didn't know what he had in the belly of the thing... set on timers or you know, nobody knows that at that moment. We can only presume and hope for the best," Davis said.