Utah Plane Crash TODAY Show video: Jonathan Fielding records small plane flipping on snow landing

On Saturday, February 2, 2013, Jonathan Fielding took his wife for her first flight ever on her birthday.

The couple, along with their seven-month-old son, were enjoying the flight in the small plane when they received alarming news from the pilot: the carburator had iced over and they needed to have a crash landing.

Fielding describes the scenario like this, "The pilot is very experienced and has landed in fields many times before even with snow in the field, just not this much snow."

The plane set down and the nose dug into the snow, flipping the aircraft upside down just after impact.

Luckily no one was hurt in the accident, "save for bruises, whiplash and minor cuts," Fielding said.

Take a look at the crash video below (or mobile users can view it here: http://bit.ly/V9eSgy ) and have a look at the aftermath of the crash below (or mobile users can watch that here: http://bit.ly/Ueq61B )

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