Today Show spotlights BCS ticket gift reaction, Don Buckhannan, delighted Alabama football fan

An Alabama man received exactly what he wanted for Christmas this year when his son gave him a ticket to the BCS national championship.

Don Buckhannan is a huge fan of Alabama and was shocked and delighted when his son surprised him with tickets to the game between Alabama and Notre Dame on January 7.

Don's son Daniel gave his dad a new black fedora, a replica of the hat that legendary 'Bama coach Bear Bryant used to wear.

Don was happy enough to receive the hat, but when Daniel asked his dad what size it was, he glanced inside, saw the BCS tickets and a giant smile spread across his face.

The video is quickly gaining views, racking up nearly 2 million views since it was posted on Christmas.

The hosts of NBC's TODAY spoke with both Don and Daniel Buckhannan about the video and the surprise gift.

Here is the full reaction video - mobile users view it here: (







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