Tearful girl to pregnant mom: 'I didn't want a boy!' (VIDEO)

A 5-year-old girl named Annie was caught on camera showing her displeasure after learning her pregnant mom was having a boy.

The video was sent to the "Today" show by a couple of their viewers.

In the video, Annie starts to pout after hearing she's going to have a little brother instead of a sister.

The family says Annie had some earlier issues with some mean boys at school.  So, when she heard the word "boy", it prompted a tearful reaction.

Video for mobile users: http://on.today.com/1lELTZ1

Since the video was recorded, Annie's mom gave birth to a boy named Luca. 

We've learned that Annie is now thrilled to have a little brother and is determined to train Luca to be her protector.

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