Target 'manatee gray' plus size controversy: Susan Clemens, Target customer, upset with description

Upset customer takes to Twitter

Target is changing the way it labels clothing after a customer upset with the "manatee gray" description on a plus-sized dress took to Twitter.

Susan Clemens, 49, a self-described "plus size" woman from California, tweeted out pictures of a plus-sized dress on being described as "manatee gray," while the regular size in the same dress was described as "dark heather gray, ABC News reported .

Her outrage spread on social media, eventually reaching Target officials, who apologized to Clemens and offered an explanation.

"It was never our intention to offend our guests," Target spokeswoman Jessica Deede told "We heard from our guest. We apologized and we are working to fix it ASAP."

Target says its labels across the board will now simply say "gray."

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