Stanley 'the Barbie man' has huge Barbie collection, fills his Tampa-area home

FLORIDA - There's a home in Florida where Mattel's American icon reigns.

"It's nice to wake-up, and you're always in a good mood, because you always have beauty around you," said Stanley "The Barbie Man."

Stanley's dream house is wall-to-wall bombshells -- 2,000 of them who live in their own collectible cases.

"This is the #6 Barbie. She was made in 1962," he said, showing us the sixth Barbie doll ever manufactured.

He has Super Hero Barbies, to $700 vintage dolls wearing red bathing suits and beauty marks. He values the collection at $80,000, but Stanley isn't rich, he just knows a deal when he sees it.

"I got it for like, I think it was like four bucks. The lady thought it was a reproduction. I played right along, played right along," he said.

There are corvettes and planes and Pez heads -- enough to make any 6-year old, even Ruth Handler, jealous.

"And here's the little stewardess outfit," he said.

"This is the Barbie dream bathroom," showing us his bathroom bursting with Barbies.

"I've had people ask where do you take a shower? And I say, my shower's right next door," said Stanley laughing.

Stanley has been a Barbie connoisseur since 1997.

"Anytime I'm at a garage sale or an estate sale or a flea market, I see anything pink, your eyes go directly, my eyes go directly to it and I'm like, is it Barbie?" he said.

We'd love to tell you how many times that's happened but he says it would make you dizzy.

"A friend of mine said, 'what would you do if they all came to life and started banging on their cases, let me out, I need air.' He said, ‘which one would you let out first?' And I go, the Wonder Woman," he said.

Stanley's imagination is as wonderful as his collection and enough to make you feel like a kid again.

"It is about your childhood and having beautiful things around you," he explained. "Barbie's not just for little girls. It's for everybody who enjoys quality."