Stacey Schnee: Topless cyclist in Massachusetts turning heads

LEICESTER, Mass. - (WHDH) A Massachusetts woman is turning heads.

Whether it's riding her bike or driving a car, Stacey Schnee's lack of clothing has some people upset.

Schnee was recently pulled while biking topless.

"We did have people coming into lobby calling on phone, vehicles driving by, with people taking pictures. One vehicle turned around to take more pictures," said James Hurley, Leicester Police Chief.

Officers confronted her, but Schnee wasn't arrested. She was left to peddle on home.

Why? Schnee was wearing a pair of pasties, flesh colored stickers that partially cover her up.

"My stand was because my nipples were covered I wasn't doing anything wrong. I'm also making a statement for topless equality to get the word out that women should be able to go topless," Schnee said.

To settle the confusion caused by the pasties, the chief contacted the district attorney's office for guidance to see if Schnee was within her constitutionally protected rights or if she should face charges.

Courtesy: WHDH, NBC News Channel