Spencer's Home Depot marriage proposal video: YouTube proposal to Dustin goes viral

(CNN) -- To the guy who still thinks your Jumbotron wedding proposal idea is awesome:

1. It is not.

2. But don't worry, public proposals can still be tremendous.

We even have brand new fantastic proof of this from, of all places, the lumber aisle in Utah home improvement store.

The setting may not ooze romance, but the video of this flash mob proposal is absolutely bursting with it -- as well as about 30 Technicolor backup dancers and a super-catchy tune.

According to the video's description, "Dustin arrived at the Home Depot in Salt Lake City thinking he was there to help his roommate pick out some lighting for a party."

Video for mobile users: http://bit.ly/14S7k0P

We're suspecting he figured out something was up, though, the moment a song called "Somebody Loves You" (ahem, wink-wink, nudge-nudge) came on, a well-choreographed flash mob swarmed in and, in case that wasn't enough, his friends and family begin showing up -- and dancing, of course.

"They come out, and they're from all the different places I've lived in the world, so to see them all in one place at one time was kind of ridiculous," groom-to-be Dustin Reese told Fox 13."I start to recognize people, and then I start to recognize more people."

A separate camera fixed on Reese shows him with his hand over his chest and a wide grin stuck in full disbelief mode.

By the time his future husband/proposal mastermind Spencer Stout shows up in a suit with a sign reading "If I am good to you... Won't you be good to me?" (one of the song's lyrics), you can be forgiven for thinking someone must be chopping onions around your computer. Clearly, (sniff) someone was around mine. Clearly.

Stout says he chose the unlikely location because "the very first time we met, we walked through a Home Depot, and he showed me what he had built and showed me what we had done. So I thought it would be a great place for the proposal, because it was kind of our first date."

Almost 1 million YouTube views -- and one future cemented in a hardware store -- later, it would appear he was right.