Shoshana Hebshi, woman sues over strip search: Woman claims she was ethnically targeted by TSA

The ACLU of Michigan has filed a lawsuit against federal authorities, Detroit Metro Airport and Frontier Airlines on behalf of an Ohio woman who says she was removed from an airplane in handcuffs, strip searched and held for four hours even though she had done nothing wrong.

Shoshana Hebshi was removed from a Frontier Airlines plane after it landed in Detroit on Sept. 11, 2011, the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The plane's crew had reported suspicious behavior by two men who'd spent several minutes in the bathroom and were sitting near her.

Hebshi says she was ordered to remove her clothes, bend over and cough while she was searched. The Sylvania, Ohio, woman filed suit Tuesday. She says she was targeted because she is half-Arab and half-Jewish.

She didn't know the men. No one was charged.

FBI investigators determined one of the men seated with Hebshi was ill, which is why he was going back and forth to the lavatory. Hebshi and men did not know each other.

At the time of the incident F-16 fighter jets were order to follow the flight and it was diverted to a secure location at Metro Airport. Police boarded the plane with guns drawn.

Frontier and the Transportation Security Administration won't comment on the lawsuit in Detroit federal court.

- Associated Press contributed to this report

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