Shark photobomb? June Emerson's picture reveals surprise in Manhattan Beach waters

Have you ever taken a bunch of pictures, went back to look at them and then saw something you didn't know was there?

A mother took a picture of her son and his friends surfing Friday on Manhattan Beach in Southern California.

She went back to look at the pictures and found the shadow of a huge shark swimming right next to her children.

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"My son is the one closest to the shark," the woman, June Emerson, told NBC4 in Los Angeles via email. "Whatever it is, it was quite a shock to see while reviewing shots of the day on our way home."

Surfers and lifeguards told Emerson it was definitely a shark, but she decided to tell her 12-year-old son, Quinn, and his friend that it was a dolphin so as not to scare them out of SoCal waters permanently.