Shark encounter off Hawaii video: Isaac Brumaghim loses tuna catch

 It's going to great lengths for food. That's the story for a fisherman and a tiger shark who were competing for the same tuna.

Isaac Brumaghim is an extreme kayak fisherman and he experienced just how extreme it can be Sunday afternoon.

Brumaghim was fishing about two miles from shore near Waianae in his 16 foot kayak. He was reeling in a kawakawa tuna when a shark leaped into the air trying to snatch the fish from the line. Brumaghim still tries to reel it in, but the shark bumps the kayak and takes the fish.

"The shark made a circle, came around and ate the kawakawa under my boat, hit my kayak and then it kind of hit me what just happened and I had a reaction to that," said Brumaghim.

"Holy ----! Oh my God!" said Brumaghim on the video.

"Yeah I did get the shivers a bit on it just thinking about the whole thing and the possibility of me actually putting my hands in after my fish. It made me think how foolish that would have been," said Brumaghim.

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