Seattle Seahawk Derrick Coleman: NFL player inspires hearing impaired girl

A young Seattle Seahawk fan is melting hearts with an adorable letter she wrote to Fullback, Derrick Coleman. 

Coleman and the 9-year-old New Jersey girl have something in common: They are both hearing impaired.

Riley Kovalcik wrote to Coleman, the first legally deaf offensive player in NFL history, that he is her inspiration.

"I know how you feel. I also have hearing aids. Just trying your best. I have faif in you Derrick," she wrote. "Go Seattle Seahawlks!", the girl added to cheer him and the team on ahead of the big game. 

The letter went viral after Kovalcik's dad posted it to Twitter.

Now, the already touching letter has reached even more people after Coleman wrote back via Twitter too.

Check out both letters here:  

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