Rhett Parham: Hillcrest Middle School special needs student suspended for drawing cartoon bomb

 (WYFF) A South Carolina mother says she will meet with school and district officials Wednesday after her special needs son was suspended for drawing a picture of a cartoon bomb.

Amy Parham's son, Rhett, is autistic and goes to Hillcrest Middle School in Simpsonville.

Parham said Rhett drew a picture of a cartoon bomb from a video game he watches on YouTube called "Bomberman 64".

She said Rhett drew the picture at home and then took it to school and showed it to some older students.

One of those students told school officials about the drawing and Rhett was suspended.

Parham said when she got the call from the school about the incident she thought they were joking at first.

"I'm angry. I'm upset and I'm incredulous, honestly, that a child could come in and bring a drawing and that's somehow perceived as a threat -- especially someone with special needs who really doesn't filter information the same way that typical children do," Parham said.

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