Renee Conlan's SUV swarmed by bees in League City, Texas

By: Irika Sargent, KPRC

LEAGUE CITY, TX. -- Renee Conlan and her friend Laura stopped to grab lunch in League City, Texas.

But with bags in hand, back in the parking lot and ready to leave, the two discovered they'd picked up several thousand extra passengers.

A swarm of bees clustered on their white Honda SUV.

Conlan caught the amazing scene on her cell phone camera.

Her friend contacted animal control which sent bee keeper Sean Kennedy.

Kennedy got them off the SUV into a bucket and now they're living in a new home on his own bee hive rehabilitation land.

Kennedy says a smell or color on the car or even the wax used on teh vehicle could draw the bees, who are looking for a  new home or place to rest.

And the mild winter may also be causing the insects to fill the area early.

Whatever the reason, Conlan said she is relieved that most of the bees are now safe in their new home.