Rachel Castillo, woman finds $36,000: Miami Beach Golf Course worker finds $36,000 in cash on bench

Returns it to 76-year-old man

MIAMI -- What would you do if you found a bag filled with thousands of dollars in cash?

A South Florida woman decided to do the right thing and hand it over to police.

Rachel Castillo found the money in January at Miami Beach Golf Course where she works.

Golfers alerted her to a bag left sitting on a bench. Inside she found $36,000.

She also found the identification of a 76-year-old man.

Castillo contacted the police who tracked down the owner.

Authorities say he lives in an assisted living facility and may have Alzheimer's or dementia.

Police verified that the money belonged to the man, who will get it all back.

Castillo said even though $36,000 is about what she makes in a year, she didn't hesitate to turn it in.

If no one had claimed the money in 90 days, Castillo could have kept it.

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