Pig in wheelchair video: TODAY show spotlights Chris P. Bacon's custom wheels, his owner Len Lucerno

When a woman brought a piglet with deformed legs to the vet, she was was distraught at the thought of having to put the pig to sleep.

But a lightbulb went off in veterinarian Len Lucerno's head.

He adopted the pig from the woman, named him "Chris P. Bacon", took him home and fashioned a wheelchair from a child's toy set.

He posted a video of Bacon's first time using the wheeled apparatus and it became an instant hit.

Little Chris P. Bacon won't be so little for long.

He's already moved up from his original wheelchair to a larger one and an even bigger one that was donated is waiting when he's large enough.

Over the weekend, Bacon and Lucerno appeared on NBC's TODAY Show and the little guy didn't seem too thrilled to be there.

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