Paying it backward is new trend at drive-thru windows

It's a trend taking off around the country, people "paying it backward" at drive-thru windows.  

When you pull up to pay for your meal you quickly learn the customer in the car in front of you already took care of it.

"People are wanting to regain some positivity," said Kaitlin Dunlap, with the Chick-fil-A restaurant on West Holcombe in southwest Houston.  

"Doing something nice for the car behind you in the drive-thru lane is an empowering feeling."

But recently the customers at that southwest Houston Chick-fil-A , located at 3101 West Holcombe , took karma to a whole new level.

"It was absolutely amazing," Dunlap said.  "One of my favorite days at work."

It started with just one person who offered to pay for the person's breakfast in the car behind them, Dunalp said it just "kept going and going and going."

It lasted for 67 cars straight, hundreds of dollars worth of Chick-fil-A breakfasts.

The manager of the restaurant said it happens more often than you might think, at least a couple of times every Saturday.  But it's never happened 67 times before!

"It was the buzz around the restaurant," Dunlap said.  "I hope it continues other places around the world!"