Norman Scooter dog: Dog on scooter goes for world record

A dog in Georgia is trying to ride his way into the Guinness Book of World Records -- on a scooter!

Riding a scooter is not the only trick this French Sheep dog has up his paw. Norman can also put his dirty dishes in the dishwasher, politely wipe his mouth on a towel and can even ride a bicycle! 

The three-year-old dog is training to set a Guinness World Record by riding a scooter 98 feet -- without any help. "The official record is 30 meters, on scooter, by dog. So he has to do 30 meters in 30 seconds," said Karen Cobb, Norman's owner. 

Norman will go for the world record on Friday.

To watch him sling his big paws over the handlebars and push off like any kid itching for some speed is a staggering sight. "I told him there was a dog riding a scooter. He thought I was crazy," neighbors describe watching the dog's fur flying in the wind.

Norman's owner, Karen Cobb, says her dog has loved scooters since he was a pup. Cobb nurtured that love and all his other abilities.