Mark Mihal, Annabriar Golf Course sinkhole photo: Waterloo, Illinois golf course swallows man whole

Waterloo, IL -- Ground crews at a Waterloo golf course have a bit of a problem on their hands. It's a sinkhole. An 18-foot deep sinkhole.

According to, Mark Mihal fell into the hole on Friday at the Annabriar Golf Course while golfing with three others.

His partner was taking a shot when he realized Mark had disappeared. He had fallen into the sinkhole and was 18 feet underground.

Then, it was 10 inches wide. Now officials say the hole is nearly 30 feet wide.

Mihal was pulled out after his friend climbed into the whole and tied a rope around him. He managed to get out with only a shoulder injury.

A news conference is planned for Tuesday afternoon. FOX 2's Betsey Bruce will have more on the sinkhole a 5 p.m.