Mall of America cash toss video: Serge Vorobyov cited for Black Friday stunt

When Serge Vorobyov came up with the idea to throw money--a lot of money--to shoppers at the Mall of America, he didn't anticipate the response.

"I thought I got to do something funny at least have some fun with it and it turned out a lot of people enjoyed it." He said.

After a rough year losing his business and going through a divorce, he wanted to do something to make the holidays for others a little brighter.

Vorobyov said, "I saw a commercial on TV with money glued to him riding a motorcycle and money flying off of him…that's where I got the idea."

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Serge decided to give away 1,000 dollars--the little money he had left--hoping good karma would come back around. "My last effort of pay it forward. You know I thought I can't keep up with my bills I'm losing everything might as well have my last little thrill."

He decided to throw the bills as a choir was singing, appropriately, let it snow. "There was a guy in front of me on the escalator yelling fake money! And I would reach into my pocket and go no it's real money and throw it," he said.

Serge said he knew he'd get in trouble. He was cited for disorderly conduct. He'll have a court date and face a fine.

He says, it was worth it. "Everyone can laugh about it everyone is having fun I think that's what life is about just following your heart."