London International Tattoo Convention inks its mark

LONDON, England - Tattoo fans from all over the world have gathered for the world's most prestigious gathering of tattoo artists, the London International Tattoo Convention.

At London's Tobacco Dock, 320 of the world's top body artists worked to transform skin into works of art. 

Among them, television stars Ami James and Chris Garver from the series "Miami Ink" and "NY Ink."  James says the rise of celebrity tattoos have made the form of expression more mainstream.

"We are a bunch of guys, obviously we are six guys who started doing TV and showcasing tattoos, but simultaneously there are rock stars and football players and basketball players who all gave this huge push to the tattoo world, and the result is exactly what you see, youngsters coming out to get tattooed, parents being a lot more cool with the younger crowds having tattoos and now they are getting tattooed as well," James said.

The industry has seen a surge in recent years.

"Definitely in the past ten years it has changed completely, a 360 degrees turn and to the better. There is no taboo about getting tattoos anymore and you can see by how many people who up to these conventions, how many people actually get tattooed and the art just gets better and better and the artists coming into the game are getting better and better, so it's cool to see and it's cool to be a part of," James explained.

The convention goes through Sunday, September 29th.

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