Kevin Johnson , Aaron Osters waterspout chase video: Keys boaters ride through waterspout


MARATHON, Fla.-- This week, powerful storms gave two boats from the Keys the experience of a lifetime.

They originally intended to catch lobster on their trip, six miles north of Marathon.  But Aaron Osters and Kevin Johnson ended up chasing twisters instead.

The friends and their dog got a rare, up-close look at these wonders of nature.

Johnson is a charter captain in the Keys, where he has lived for more than two decades. He described the experience like this:  "It's a low-pressure system, so your ears pop.  I mentioned in the video that all my hatches on the boat had opened straight up in the air, and fortunately, nothing that sucked out of the boat, but uh, it's a very intense fan, basically."

Johnson has done it twice before, and says he is mindful of the risks. "It's up to me when I'm doing this to assess the situation, whether or not it's an acceptable risk or not, and in this situation, it was perfect."

However, meteorologists remind you that waterspouts are dangerous and they say you should steer clear of them.