Kendama: Simple wooden toy is one of the most popular items this Christmas season in Canada

It's a piece of wood attached to a string attached to a ball.

It is that simple.

But don't be fooled, Kendama is one of Calgary's top toys this Christmas season.

"Thousands and thousands and thousands. It's been crazy I can tell you in one day, we've done over $10,000 in sales on them. It's been one of the hottest things we've ever seen in toys and I've done toys for a long time," said John Tait of the toy store Discovery Hut.

One mother is looking to buy her son his third Kendama.

The wooden toy comes in different sizes and a bunch of colors and designs.

Kids say the simplicity allows them to be creative.

The toy's a surprising hit, one parents are certainly not arguing with their kids about.

"Our son is really into soccer and he's got the great hand eye coordination, so he loves doing this and... better than video games, i think," said mother Shawna Lam.

And for kids, getting back to the basics has some perks.

"You can use it over and over again, and it doesn't require any batteries," says Kendama enthusiast Kieran Hood.