Kelly Nash Dangerous Selfie at Fenway Park: Sports reporter's close call with a ball

Whew, talk about a close call!

Tampa Bay Ray's reporter, Kelly Nash, was nearly hit with a baseball while snapping a photo of herself at Fenway Park. Nash posted the photo to instagram with the caption, "Most dangerous selfie ever. That happened. @ Fenway Park."

Now, her dangerous "selfie" is all over the web. To people who think the picture is a fake: "Sorry, I have better things to do than to Photoshop a ball into pics," Nash tweeted

In another tweet, she tells her Twitter followers that she had the "Angels in the Outfield" DVD with her on the trip and thinks it may have saved her from being nearly nailed in the head with the ball.

According to FOX Sports Florida, Nash wanted to take a picture of herself and the "Green Monster" — the famous left-field wall in Boston's Fenway Park — for her family in Massachusetts. She also told Fox Sports that she did not notice the ball next to her head until she went to text the photo to her family. 

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