Kaitlyn Collins TODAY Show interview video: Ex-Green Bay Packers cheerleader tackles cyber-bullying

A former cheerleader for the Green Bay Packers appeared on the TODAY Show Monday morning after being 'cyber-bullied' for her appearance.

Kaitlyn Collins told TODAY's Savannah Guthrie that she is fighting back against Chicago Bears fans who got personal after a photo of her was posted on an unofficial Bears Facebook fan page with the caption: "Like if you agree the Packers have the worst cheerleaders in the NFL!"

The photo got thousands of "likes." Some comments included: "Doesn't get any uglier." "Truly an eyesore."

"We all struggle with body images and especially in today's society, for somebody to go online and type those kinds of things, out of a picture of mine out for everybody to see, it was very hurtful," she told Guthrie.

Watch the full video below or by clicking here:

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