Jonathan Simpkins destroys massive yellow jacket hive in Central Florida

TAMPA, Fla. - Insect  expert Jonathan Simpkins is from Tampa. 

He won't say exactly where in the woods of central Florida he attacked his last project, but he will say that it was a potentially deadly confrontation.

Simpkins tackled the largest yellow jacket nest he has ever seen. 

"This is amazing, the size of this nest, the numbers that are flying around here. I've been doing this over 20 years and they are all over me," he explained.

Simpkins is the owner of Insect I.Q. and he has a degree in entomology from the University of Florida. 

He shot video of himself at the nest, facing the swarm.

"Okay, one sting so far right in the chin. I just got a little irresponsible here. They're all over me," he said.

The owner of the property called Simpkins to get rid of the dangerous nest.  It was more than six feet tall and eight feet wide.

"With the Southern Yellow Jacket, they develop multiple queens the second, third and fourth year. So this nest did not have one queen, it has thousands of queens in there," he said.

Millions of workers are in the nest, and as Simpkins went to look at it, the defenders came out to sting him. 

Simpkins used a secret approach to take care of the nest.

"Second day, you can see behind me, the nest is dead, totally dead," he explained.

The experience was exciting for the expert.

"It was so exciting. It was one of the best times in my business and professional career to deal with something like this."

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