Jaring Timmerman: 105-year-old swimming sets new world records

A man in Canada has set two world records as a masters swimmer and he did it all at the age of 104!

Jaring Timmerman turns 105 next month.

He is the world's oldest masters swimmer.

With his latest race he's adding a new page to the record book.

"I will be the only that will have a world record at 105 because no one else has it at this time," Timmerman said.

Masters swimming is all about age groups.

Until now, the highest age group was 100 to 104.

By simply competing, Timmerman establishes a new age bracket - 105 to 109, and by default, a world record.

He already has four records in a younger age bracket - 100 to 104.

He started competitive swimming at age 79 and swims twice a week to train.

His doctors have told him to stop.

He has torn ligaments in his shoulder.

"That's what they call a swimmer's shoulder. I got that when I was about 100," Timmerman said.

He just changed up his stroke.

His son isn't worried, "I think always having a goal and helping him achieve something probably has given him longevity."

He's actually swimming two races for two records, 50 meters each.

He doesn't look all that fast, as much younger swimmers clearly out pace him.

But keep in mind, his only competition is himself.

But don't count on him trying to set any more records.

"I think it will be the end. 105- 109 that is pretty old you know,"Ttimmerman said.