Harrison Okene Nigeria tugboat rescue video: Ship's cook survives three days underwater

Three days after a tug boat overturned in Nigeria, divers on what they thought was a recovery mission, made an incredible discovery.

The Today Show reports one of the divers, who was in radio contact with another worker on the surface, stumbled across a man who was alive.

It turned out to be the ship's cook who ended up in a four foot air pocket. Newsone.com identified the vessel as a Chevron oil boat named the AHT Jascon-4.

News.com.au identified him as Harrison Okene.

The Today Show said he survived on Coca-Cola. He was fitted with a scuba mask and brought to the surface... one of only 12 to survive.

He was then put into a decompression chamber.

According to the Today Show, he said he was praying to God the whole time.

The ship overturned in May but newly-released video has sparked media interest in the story.

Video for mobile: http://on.today.com/1hvsJqQ


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