'Funeral selfies': New trend catching eye of the funeral industry

There is a new trend moving through social media. It's attracting the attention of the funeral industry. It's called the "funeral selfie."

The Oxford Dictionaries named "selfie" the international word of the year. But a particular style of selfie is trending now.

Funeral selfies are the newest craze. There is a Twitter hashtag #funeralselfie and a Tumblr blog called 'Selfies at Funerals.' Social media butterflies have been snapping pictures of themselves saying they are on their way to funerals and even at wakes, then uploading them to social media sites with the funeral hashtag.

Some funeral homes say it is ok, as long as the person has good intentions.

"A lot of the younger generations don't read obituaries or they don't pay attention to things like that. So, the social media for the younger generation might be a good way for them to alert all their friends that a death has occurred in their family," said Frank Pisarski Jr., co-owner of Pisarski Funeral Home in Stevens Point.

Pisarski says it is up to the family to decide if pictures are allowed at funerals.

Some say their family would be alright with it.

"My grandpa had a pretty weird sense of humor, so I think he would have taken that sort of thing in stride, not that any of us did that at his funeral," said Aaron Foster, a UW Stevens Point student.

Others say these selfies are a taboo.

"I guess I always considered funerals to be a sacred time, a sacred place, and to do something like that seems very rude," said Sarah Kyes, a UWSP student.

Pisarski, a third generation funeral director, says this tech savvy generation is keeping his business on its toes.

"From the time I got out of school until now, things change fast. So we just try to keep up with the way the times are now," said Pisarski.

For now, the funeral selfie continues to trend.