Frostbite cow gets prosthetic legs at Texas A&M

(KCEN) Advances in prosthetics have improved the quality of life for millions of people who have lost limbs.

Prosthetics have also saved the life of a four-legged patient in Texas.

A calf named "Hero" was found with frostbite on both of his legs and tail in Virginia last April.

Animal lover Kitty Martin adopted "Hero" and took him to her all animal rescue ranch to nurse him back to health.

After calling veterinarians around the country, "Hero" was brought to Texas A&M for treatment.

That's where doctors removed "Hero's" hind legs and replaced them with prosthetics.

"I had no idea whether he was going to walk out of here or not, but I loved him that much to take a chance," Martin said.

That chance paid off since "Hero's" surgery was a huge success.

"We got totally healthy skin to cover the whole bottom of the stump. We also were able to bring the tendons around so that we had a nice cushion so that it wasn't bone on skin touching the prosthetic," said Texas A&M's Ashlee Watts.

Now, "Hero" has his permanent prosthetic legs, something Martin and "Hero's" doctors never thought they'd see.

The cow's prosthetic legs were a first for the staff at Texas A&M.

Courtesy: NBC News Channel