'Finger lady' spoils wedding proposal photo at Colorado Rockies game, flips the bird at photographer

DENVER - Molly Ryan thought she was heading to Coors Field to watch a Rockies game with her family last week.

She had no idea what her boyfriend had in store for her.

Photographer Kerinsa Mullins was hired to document a wedding proposal from Ryan's boyfriend, Kenny Lovelance. 

He hired Mullins to sit a few rows in front of him so she could quickly stand up, turn around and photograph the moment he proposed.

In the fifth inning, Lovelace and Ryan flashed up on the Coors Jumbotron. That was Mullins' cue to stand up to take the photos. 

"(A) lady wasn't happy that I stood up for about 20 seconds, and she let me know it. In fact, her friends were yelling at me to sit down, too.  I told them I was photographing a proposal behind them, but clearly they didn't care. The best part about this is that the Rockies were in dead last place, and there was no chance of them going to play offs.  I love the Rockies, but the game wouldn't change any rankings. However, the lady and her friends were 'super fans' and she needed to let everyone know it {and that she did}! The range of emotions in this one photo is priceless, and it wouldn't have been as incredible without her. So, I want to publicly thank 'finger lady.' You made the photo what it is!," Mullins wrote on her webpage.

Ryan said the unidentified woman who photobombed the proposal photo has an open invitation to their wedding.

Photos courtesy: www.kerinsamarie.com

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