Filomena Tobias flips off Joakim Noah, Chicago Bulls player

Flipping the bird. Giving the finger. The one-finger salute. Whatever you want to call it, Miami Heat fan and Jupiter resident Filomena Tobias was caught is doing it - right in the face of Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah, as Noah was ejected from Wednesday night's game.

Tobias lives in an exclusive community Jupiter. If the name sounds familiar, it is because she is the widow of former CNBC commentator Seth Tobias, who was found dead in the swimming pool of their home in 2007.

Tobias finds herself - and this time her finger - back in the spotlight. She is not speaking about it publicly. Her daughter, Victoria, who lives in a downtown West Palm Beach condominium building also said she was 'unavailable for comment'.

"Sportsmanship should be shown on and off the court," said David Desrochers, a Palm Beach Shores resident. "Obviously, this is not a classy lady."

At Duffy's Sports Bar in West Palm Beach, many called Tobias' gesture way out of bounds. "She looks like he personally offended her," said Kenneth Lundeen, who was dining with his seven month old daughter.
On the basketball court in Palm Beach Gardens, there was support and even sympathy for the finger-wielding woman. "She just got caught at the wrong time," said Dillon Anderson, who lives nearby. "She definitely got caught on camera."

Since then, the finger photo has gone viral on the internet.

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