Entergy bills Abby Jones, Louisiana woman, for two cents

(WVLA) Lots of people were victims of April Fool's pranks on Monday.

A Louisiana woman thought she might have been one of them when she opened up her electric bill.

Entergy said it wanted her two cents.

Abby Jones read the bill, then re-read it, just to make sure.

"Actually, I thought it was a joke. I mean, who would send somebody a bill to pay now for two cents?" said Jones.

Jones normally goes to the payment center to take care of her bill in person.

Neither she, nor the clerk, noticed that she was a couple cents short.

When the notice came Monday morning, she didn't think it was a big deal, but she didn't want to know what the consequence would be of ignoring it.

So she asked a friend to go down to the payment center and get it fixed.

"But the line was so long and he said he'd go back and try it later on. And I know that was worth more than two cents in gas, high as gas is nowadays," said Jones.

But don't worry, once the light went on, Jones was able to enjoy her personal April Fool's joke.

Entergy said it wouldn't comment on an individual bill, but that they won't turn off the power over two cents.

Jones even got a call from an Entergy customer service manager, just to make sure she wasn't worried about it.