E-cigarette blamed for house fire in Idaho, electronic cigarette battery overcharged and exploded

Idaho fire officials said an electronic cigarette exploded and started a fire while a family of four slept in their house.

Thanks to the smoke alarm, Jason Burns and his parents were able to quickly put out a blaze in the living room with a fire extinguisher.

The damage to the house was limited.

Fire investigators said an e-cigarette plugged into a laptop to be charged was to blame.

It overcharged, overheated and exploded, sending parts flying on to the furniture.

Kootenai County Fire Marshal Jeryl Archer said, "The battery overcharged and exploded. It blew the end cap off and blew fragments off and on to the couch and ignited the couch in the house."

Officials say with the popularity of the e-cigarettes growing, so are the number of incidents with them.

Burns said, "The smoke alarm let off a chirp, my mom actually woke up at the smoke alarm, came out, and just saw the fire blazing, started screaming for everybody, when I came out of my room, there were just flames, it's all you could see."

Burns continued, "If that smoke alarm didn't go off, none of us would have woken up, you know, none of us would have been able to get to the door 'cuz it would have been blocked by the flames and we would have all died."