Dog steals phone safety video: Tampa police department post warning video featuring a border collie

The Tampa police department has found a unique way to deliver an important message with a new safety video posted to YouTube.

Their cell phone safety video features an unusual casting choice to portray the phone burglar: a border collie.

The video sends a serious message in a humorous way, warning citizens about the rising number of phone thefts.

The police department says your phone can be just as valuable as your wallet.

The thief steals a phone from a park bench while the distracted victim chats with a friend.

Not long after that, the burglar somehow steals the same phone from an unlocked vehicle.

But thanks to the phone tracking app that was installed on the phone, an officer locates the burglar with a cache of stolen phones.

Picking a favorite scene from the video is tough, we're torn between the shot of the dog's paw opening the car door and the scene of the pooch against the patrol car getting frisked by the officer.

Mobile users view video here:

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