Decades old cars going up for auction that are considered new

(NBC News) From car collectors to the curious, they came from all over.

From every state in the union and seven foreign countries, they're in search of the classics.

And they're willing to spend big bucks to bring home history.

"The sticker price might say one thing but most of these buyers won't say what they are willing to spend," said an auctioneer.

"I've got access to money but I'm going to try to be conservative," said one buyer.

"If it's not in the category of sensibility I'm not going to do it," said another bidder.

"What I'm willing to spend may change as we get into the heat of battle," said a third bidder.

So why spend thousands on something that's been buried under decades of dirt and dust dirt?

"This is it.. Where are you going to find these kinds of cars in this kind of condition?"

"No miles on them and certificates of origin... So these are new cars technically, nostalgia I guess," said one bidder.

Clearly, a passion for these pieces of America's auto making past.