Creepy clown freaks out Northhampton, England, copies Pennywise character from Stephen Kings 'It'

It's the nightmare of many children and adults: A creepy clown.

And it's spooking a quiet English town.

The clown has quite a following on a Facebook page -- well over 155,000 "likes", in fact.

But the identity of the person behind the mask remains a mystery.

It started on Friday the 13th, like a scene out of Stephen King's It.

A creepy clown who resembles the Pennywise character in that movie was spotted lurking in the streets.

His identity is a mystery.

He posts his photos of his exploits on Facebook along with messages that end with Stephen King's signature, "*beep* *beep*."

His most recent cryptic note posted stated, "I'll be seeing you all very soon (in the day!) But I'm going to lay low for a bit as I have a big surprise for you all hopefully due at the end of the week!! Beep beep!"

It's all for the people of the quaint English town of Northampton to see... And in some cases fear.

"I'd be terrified if I saw that clown. Yeah", one woman said.

Callum Jones is now the unofficial clown correspondent at the Northampton Chronicle.

He's been following the story since last week.

"I think he's an older guy. He's quite clever. I don't think he knows social media that well. He doesn't know how Twitter works," Jones said.

If you saw this creepy clown on the street at night, would you approach him or head the other way?

For many people who suffer from Coulrophobia (the irrational fear of clowns), this is the last guy they'd want to see on a dark street corner at night.