Chevron store clerk attacked over cigar (VIDEO)

It was 1:15 on Saturday afternoon, September 7th, at the Chevron at Lakewood Boulevard and Delamo, in Lakewood, California.

A 23-year-old store clerk, who we are calling Yadira, said a man in a blue shirt asked for a Swisher-Sweet cigar. 

He only put down a dollar after she told him it was a dollar and forty one cents.

"He just says, ‘well this is all I have, (bleeped out)', and whatever, and I was like ‘well, you need to get out of the store', I was like ‘I'm sorry', and he tries to snatch it," Yadira said.

That's when she says he punched her, knocking her glasses from her face, injuring her eye. "It just happened so fast, like, he went like this at first, but my reaction, I didn't think he was going to hit me, I was like, okay, and he just went like socks me."

'It is a brutal attack on an innocent victim who is just trying to make a living," said Los Angeles Co. Sheriff's Department Sgt. Steven Moses.

Detectives say the guy took off, and none of the other customers jumped into action right away.  "I'm sure they were surprised by his actions as he walked out of the store, and in turn, a few of them were worried about the clerk," Sgt. Moses said.

Yadira finished her shift that day, but said she's now fearful every time she goes to work. "Really, over 41 cents, like, imagine, if he got like that, imagine what else would've happened.  That's the thing that came into my head, and I just hope it doesn't ever happen to anybody."