Charles Ramsey is the newest viral video star, but for the right reasons?

Charles Ramsey, the neighbor who helped free Amanda Berry, has become a national hero and viral video star.

"I knew something was wrong when a pretty little white girl ran into the arms of a black man," Ramsey told reporters. Now, his very enthusiastic interview is all over the web, including in dozens of YouTube remixes.

Ramsey told reporters that he had been eating McDonalds when he saw the girl "going nuts" outside his neighbor's house.

McDonalds has since reached out to the Ohio resident on Twitter, "We salute the courage of Ohio kidnap victims and respect their privacy. way to go Charles Ramsey -- we'll be in touch," McDonald's tweeted.

There is a debate online as to whether Ramsey is being called a hero for the right reasons.  Do you think his heroism is being overshadowed by his entertaining soundbites?  



Below are some examples of the way Ramsey is being lionized - or made fun of - on social media.

Clearly he is a hero for helping Berry and the other women escape. Does he deserve to become the next meme?

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