Cedrick Swinson: Man robs bank for Disney cruise, police say

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - Navy Federal Credit Union members could barely believe their Satellite Beach branch was targeted by a bank robber.

But the bank robbery suspect is even more unbelievable.

Police have identified him as 37-year-old Cedrick Swinson.

He's a tourist from North Carolina and he was traveling with his girlfriend and her two young children.

They were in Brevard County to get on a Disney Cruise and he indicated as he talked with investigators that he couldn't get his money out of the bank account that he was trying to access.
Investigators say when Swinson realized he didn't have access to his own funds, he decided to steal the money to get his girlfriend's children on this Disney cruise.

So he made a split-second decision to walk in the bank and hand the teller a note demanding money to pay for the cruise for the family.

But police had a description of the suspect and his vehicle.

Within five to six minutes of the robbery police pulled over an SUV where they arrested Swinson and recovered the credit union's cash.

Police say the suspect left his girlfriend and their two children in the car during the robbery.

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