Casey Snook $6000 phone bill: teen's Facebook use runs up big phone bill while on vacation

Talk about roaming charges! A British teenager reportedly racked up a $6000 phone bill for posting photos to Facebook while on vacation in New York City. 

Casey Snook, 14, was sending updates to her friends across the pond, totally unaware she was costing her father, who pays the phone bill, big bucks.

According to The New York Post, the Snooks only found out about the data roaming charges when her dad's bank account balance went negative.

The UK phone carrier, 'Orange', claims it sent Casey a text warning her that she went over her data limit. 'Orange' then said the teen was asked to click "yes" to agree to data roaming, which it says she did. The teen denies receiving any texts from the carrier.

The New York Post reports that the family has worked out a payment plan with the carrier. 


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