Anthony Weiner Brooklyn deli voter exchange: 'You Are Not My God'

New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner got into a heated exchange with a voter at a Brooklyn deli on Wednesday. 

The confrontation happened during a campaign stop. In the YouTube clip, you can hear a voter inside the deli yell something to the congressman, who then responds, with a mouth full of food, "It takes one to know one, jackass."

The exchange didn't end there. The man walked out of the deli to confront Weiner face-to-face calling him "a disgusting thing --  for having the nerve to walk around public." The man then told Weiner that he is "a bad example for the people." 

Again, with a mouth full of food, Weiner repeatedly responds, "you are not my God." Weiner left the deli telling a crowd "I don't back down." 

Watch the heated exchange below.

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