Top 5 tips to prepare for a job interview: Give yourself the best shot at landing a job

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Preparing for a job interview is an acquired skill,

"You think you know how to interview but you really don't. Nobody really teaches that," said Joan Ceferri, the president of David Wood Personnel.

 NewsChannel 5 has created, with Ceferri's help, a top 5 list of ways to prepare yourself for a job interview.

# 1. Exhibit good body language

Ciferri said this can make a great first impression. Use good posture and don't cross your arms when sitting across from your potential employer. Also, don't lean on a desk and make solid eye contact. Use a firm handshake when introducing yourself and when leaving the interview.

# 2. Mirror the interviewer's style

Ciferri said, "If you're talking really slow and they're really quickly, you're going to frustrate them or in reverse the same thing. If they're talking slow, slow down a bit."

# 3. Don't be the first to bring up salary

This could be a deal breaker and you shouldn't bring this up first even if you're brought back for a second interview. Waiting it out could pay off. 

If you get cornered into this question, the correct answer is how you're really here for an opportunity, you're the right fit for the job and you're sure the money offered is in line with what you have to offer the company.

# 4. Don't bring outside distractions into the interview

Don't smoke before an interview. The facility could be a non-smoking facility and you didn't research properly. Don't wear an overpowering cologne or perfume because it could be your potential employer's least favorite.
Also, turn off your phone. Ringing in the middle of the interview could effectively end that interview.

# 5. Don't ask to be friends on social media.

If the interview goes very well, you could be lured into thinking you could become buddies with an employer before an offer is on the table. However, the employer could have a friendly demeanor with every candidate so keep it professional.

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