Richard Lustig lottery tips: Secrets shared by 7-time lottery winner

Tips to increase your chances at winning the lotto

ORLANDO, Fla. - Richard Lustig has hit it big several times.

"One win was $842,000 and change," said Lustig.

He's won 7 grand prizes in the Florida Lottery to be exact.

"Win number 7 was 90something thousand."

Now, he's sharing his tips on how to increase your chances of winning the lottery.

"Luck has nothing to do with this, Absolutely nothing. People who rely on luck are fooling themselves," Lustig said.

The first tip Lustig has for Lottery players is pick a set of numbers and stick with it, every time.
He says never chose quick pick, something millions of people do when playing.
Also, Lustig says don't use birthdays and anniversaries for your set.
Those numbers only go up to 31.

"If you're supposed to pick 6 numbers out of 1 in 49 well 32 through 49, you're never playing any of those numbers," said Lustig.

Set a lottery budget and play several games, consistently is the next tip.

Lustig says don't wait to buy in when the grand prize is astronomical because you'll have more competition.

For scratch off strategy, don't pick several different tickets if you're spending a few bucks.

Pick several from the same roll instead

Lustig says research your set of numbers and make sure they've never won before.

He says his research shows the same set of numbers has only repeated as winners 6 or 7 times in lottery history.

Lustig was reluctant to share his method of picking a winnable set of numbers.

He wrote a 40 page book to explain his method which he says stands up to all types of  skeptics.

"My first response to those people are, have you won the lottery?"

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