How to Find Mr. Right

BOCA RATON, Fla. --You may not know Tanya Marouf, but you likely know someone like her. The instructor at Boca Beauty Academy is part of the fastest growing sector of the American population---single women.

"They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. I feel like I've done my fair share of that too, " says Marouf.

But the 29-year-old is tired of puckering up to the "Kermits" in the country and is ready to find her "Mr. Right." But how?

Marouf says, "I feel like I'm doing everything right."

To help her out, we went to Boca Raton-based matchmaker Carol Morgan.

"So to find Mr. Right. The most important thing is to become 'Miss Right.'  You become Miss Right by finding your own power. By becoming your own person. By making your own money and then Mr. Right will come looking for you," says Morgan.

"Now before you ask, what could the 'TV Lady' possibly know about searching for Mr. Right?, take a look at my personal bookcase. From 'Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man' to 'Don't be that Girl,'  to my current read 'Why you're not married... yet.' I've read all of these "guidebooks" in my own search for Mr. Right. And all of these books echo Carol's next tip. Miss Right knows her worth and isn't shy about saying so!"

Morgan says, "I think women who have good self-esteem should display it. Should show it. Let him know how lucky he is to be out with you. Don't be afraid to show your brains. Don't be afraid to applaud your success. Don't be afraid to sing your praises. No one will know how wonderful you are if you don't."

Oh, and don't forget the standards. "Miss Right" certainly has them. Just don't set the bar so high your potential "Mr. Right" would have to stand on Lebron James's shoulders to reach them!

"If you enjoy his personality, if he makes you laugh, if you're comfortable in his presence, if you feel he'll still be there after you've had two children and you're not a size five or seven," says Morgan "I think those are really important qualities. So much more than his height or color of hair."

That brings us back to Marouf, who seems to have that concept down.

Marouf says, "My Mr. Right has to be smart. Funny. Definitely family-oriented."

And now that she's on the right track, it's just a matter of time before the "Miss" finds her "Mr."


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