Fighting Chance Anti-Bully program gives students fighting chance while building self esteem

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Martial arts expert Rick Seid wants every student to have a fighting chance whether they're threatened by a stranger in a parking lot or a bully at school.

Seid says, "If she's in a fighting stance I'm gonna bear down but I want the fear factor working for me so I come up to her in this way to give a lot of targets to attack effectively to get away quickly."

Self defense tactics are just part of an anti bullying program Seid has been asked to develop by the Broward County Crime Commission. Its president, Jim Depelisi, says bullying has reached new lows. "Now it's escalating into sexual abuse and rape. As little as 5 years ago this was not happening."

The reasons why vary. Depelisi says a lack of parental supervision, the internet and social media mean kids are exposed to lewd and violent images at a young age.

Seid says, "Our program is meant to build self defense. And more importantly self esteem. We recognize that it can branch off to other friends and build alliances."

Building character and a sense of community so children can face their future with confidence not fear.

Rick Seid's "Fighting Chance Anti-Bully program"  is expected to be introduced into some South Florida private and charter schools early next year.

He is hoping public school districts will also consider its merits.

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