Mike Bettes: Weather Channel meteorologist sustains minor injuries after vehicle thrown 200 yards

NEW YORK (AP) -- A meteorologist from The Weather Channel is nursing minor injuries after the "tornado hunt" car in which he was riding was thrown some 200 yards by a tornado in Oklahoma.

The SUV that Mike Bettes and two others were riding in was caught up in a storm near El Reno on Friday evening.

The Weather Channel said all of the occupants were wearing safety belts and were able to walk away from the banged-up vehicle.

Network spokeswoman Shirley Powell says a Weather Channel team has been in the field for most of May following tornadoes.

Powell says it's the first time one of the network's personalities has been injured while being caught up in violent weather it was covering.

Watch this amazing video below of what Bettes' called the "scariest moment" of his life. Mobile users can view it here (http://wxch.nl/ZkZjBU).

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