Three things you need to know about gaps in how area schools spot and treat concussions

It's an injury you can't see but one that could affect your child for the rest of their lives.

Concussions happen on the playing fields across South Florida every week, but it's what happens right after that can be a game changer in a student's life.

Some administrators say local schools are "flirting with disaster."

The Contact 5 Investigators uncovered big gaps in how schools and counties handle your child's concussion.

"High school football is a temporary experience, it's not worth damaging your brain which will affect the rest of your life," said mother Diana Brett.

The Contact 5 Investigators spent the past few months uncovering 3 things every parent and child should know before playing contact sports.

Hear first hand from students who have had multiple concussions and from trainers, athletic directors and parents on the gabs in procedures.

What local schools districts are and are not doing to keep kids safe Friday night on NewsChannel 5 at 11.

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