Some say guardrails lining our roadways aren't functioning properly and could cause serious injuries

Government didn't know about product changes made

West Palm Beach, Fla. - Dave Ricci co-owns Southeast Guardrail in West Palm Beach, Florida. He explained to us how a guardrail is supposed to perform.

If a car crashes into a guardrail and hits the front of it, the head, the guardrail beams are supposed to roll-up, like a tin can, Ricci said. When the beams roll-up they are supposed to move away from the vehicle.

Ricci is one of the biggest guardrail installers in the country. He said, guardrails are not supposed to pierce through the cabin of a vehicle. And Ricci has never seen it happen.

Howard Webb, a 30 year veteran at Florida's Department of Transportation, said he also hasn't seen a guardrail pierce through a vehicle.

But Webb and Ricci admit, they had not heard about several crashes, occurring across the country, in which guardrails have done just that: pierced through vehicles, causing serious injuries and even deaths.

All of the crashes involved the same kind of guardrail manufactured by Trinity Industries.

"When I started hearing what happened to these families and realizing the same thing happened to my family, I had no words," Florida-native Luke Robinson said. "I was blown away. Shocked. Horrified." Robinson and his family careened into a guardrail while traveling to New York.

Watch WPTV, NewsChannel 5 Monday at 11 PM to hear the rest of his story and to find out why some believe these guardrails need to be removed from our roadways.

Investigative Producer Lynn Walsh contributed to this story.

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